Corporate Information

Message from Chairman

DR. Thanong Bidaya


According to the announcement from the Energy Policy and Planning Office, Ministry of Energy, which approved the conditional NGV floating measure which started in early 2016 by requesting PTT to be the appraisers controlling the natural gas price not to exceed 13.50 THB per kilogram before it floated to the real cost in July. The policy promoted NGV as the best alternative for transportation entrepreneurs to use as fuel energy for vehicles for economic reasons and has best value compared to other fuels for vehicles such as diesel and benzene.

From January to December 2016, the price differences between NGV and diesel had increased by one times its value, from 6.37 THB in January to 13.64 THB in December, and the price difference between NGV and benzene also increased from 16.86 THB in January to 22.01 THB in December 2016.

Although in the early stages of the implementation of this policy concerned the transportation entrepreneurs to alternate from NGV to diesel or benzene, however, after NGV price restructuring, NGV began to reflect the real cost enabling entrepreneurs to realize that NGV is the most economical fuel for motor vehicles.

At the same time, the NGV price floating policy has given the opportunity for other private sectors or PTT to expand their NGV service station businesses. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for the Company, as an NGV business operator, to expand business and strengthen the operational results for sustainable growth in the future.